BIO in this case stands for Born In Ottawa.

Outsource Oasis is an Ottawa company with it's roots in the High Technology sector.

We are a network of senior middle managers from the computer/telephony industries with a common interest in the emerging infrastructure of outsourced enterprises.

The "outsource element" has been high tech's focus since growth and opportunity have been on the increase. The "group behind the technology" has also been a focus area for process improvement and training providers. This success is because we are still enjoying the early years in the world of outsourced "non-core" company tasks. Organizations are still discovering that their speed of growth and effectiveness on prime objectives can be served well by contracting out certain specialized needs.

As globalization places additional strains on organizational performance, specialization of people, process and technology will win continued success. Outsourcing decisions on specialized functions are now "who and when", not "what and why".

The service provided by Outsource Oasis continues to expand in functionality and the methodologies employed are pushing the forefront of available technologies. The service complexity and technological advancements have given us both vertical and horizontal growth paths within our established base. Our sound commercial understanding creates opportunities. Knowledge of not only the provider's strength in terms of process, people and technology but also the matching opportunities in industry's systems enables our contribution. And the match is a natural "win win" arena. Client growth and success will be driven from the satisfaction of their customers that have been given the support and information required. Our differentiation is the industry and systems knowledge encapsulated in "quality process" based solutions. As clients turn over their key processes to a client service provider, Oasis will take the extra steps to ensure their needs are completely understood. The customer question of this era will have to be "You now have the ears and eyes of our customer and the keys to our bank, do you have the environment to meet our expectations? Outsource Oasis will mitigate this risk.

As the industry matures so do the players. From million dollar players to billion dollar players, all relatively new to their positions and racing hard for market share, the war now will be differentiation, quality and cost not to mention speed of response. Our claim to fame will be quality based on an in-depth knowledge and history of outsourcing requirements. We specialize in systems and process quality, configuration, implementation, testing, and costing, all of which is coupled with industry insight. This front-end alignment will bond our strategic partners.

As industry influences accelerate the need for enterprises to establish strategic partnerships with specialized providers to remain competitive, we will be there.

We provide:
  • Mentoring for the first timers
  • Work shops for the serious
  • Preparations for the anxious
  • Project management and Program management for the sold
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