Term Definition Source
4 by 4 A recommended harness for those wild IVRs . The proposed restrictions contain your options to 4 items and contain your levels to 4 deep. Level 1 = 4 options, these options are each restricted to 4 more options, (level 2) etc. So level 1 = 4, level 2 = 16, level 3 = 64, and level 4 = 256 options. If you called for more than 1 of 256 options you deserve to speak to someone! OASIS
ACD Automatic Call Distributors: from ACD agents to ACD skills-based-routing ( 14 definitions in Newton’s) Newton’s
A.C.S. Automatic Call Sequencer The system used to answer, hold, and distribute incoming calls to agents. Also used for monitoring and reporting functions. Newton's
A.C.W. After Call Work is the time an agent spends on work related to the call that is complete as per process. This may include notes and updates to customer files and covers specific tasks as assigned by the contract. OASIS
A.G.R Agent Group Report A logical gathering of information (see agent report) about specific attributes. (agents on a program) (Spanish agents) (new agents) OASIS
A.H.T. Average Handle Time is the calculated average of time taken to complete calls in a telephony program or campaign. The elements are live talk time - plus- hold time if required - plus - A.W.C.(after call related work) OASIS
A.P.S. Average Positioned Staffed The average number of agents on duty during a particular shift or time period. OASIS
AQL Part of attribute acceptance sampling plan. It specifies acceptable number of defects per lot APICS
Average Speed of Answer (ASA) The average amount of time callers wait in queue before their call is answered by a CSR.  For comparison purposes, COPC-2000 would also suggest this metric include IVR menu time and automated attendant time.  Because abandoned calls can distort the value of this metric, it is important to clarify if and how they are figured in this calculation.  COPC
A.T.A. Average Time Abandon The average number (hopefully in seconds) of time that customers used in wait time and terminated the call before an agent answered. OASIS
A.T.B. All Trunks Busy A situation where all the telephone lines available for a program are in use and the customers are getting a busy signal. One of the more serious negative C.R.M. issues for a contact center. See Oasis ABCD rule. OASIS
A.T.T. Average Talk Time This is the average amount of time an agent spends connected with a customer, this time includes the hold time a customer may be put on while the agent does off-line research or escalations. OASIS
Abandon The call is terminated by the customer before reaching an agent. The reasons are varied and a small amount is to be expected. The "oh no's" that is not the number I wanted, click! (acceptable abandon) The " !!!! Bleep" I've been waiting 20 minutes, you can stick your service! (unacceptable abandon) OASIS
Abandon % A ratio of abandon calls to total calls offered. 100 calls arrived and 7 abandoned before an agent could answer. We are looking at a 7% abandon rate....I would want to know why! OASIS
ABCD Rule Oasis contribution. Do Not Abandon, Busy, Challenge or Deflect your customers. OASIS
Activity A unit of work that consumes resources. Usually has expected outcomes. May have estimated cost, scope and time. A complex activity may be sub divided into smaller units each with cost, scope and time. Typically the smallest breakdown are tasks. PMI
Adherence to schedule A service providers internal reporting mechanism to compare actual agent performance to scheduled requirements OASIS
Agent Agent as used here is a grouping of Customer Service Representative, Technical Service Representative, Customer Service Specialist and other accreditations gained in the outsource provision world. I generally try to use the term to equate to the direct labor element of the services being provided. Does not include such folks as Q.A., Scheduling, Training, H.R., Implementation, Administration, I.T., Finance etc. OASIS
Agent Report Active and static reporting that is available at an agent level within a contact center to show status and performance on a program by individual agents. OASIS
Analysis The breaking down of systems or issues into understandable elements to review and evaluate the parts and structure with the intent of validating or improving the situation. OASIS
Application A consistent routine used here in the context of electronic applications. Digital or Analog. And a variety of uses..Telephone switching, calls sequencing, screen popping, web accessing, work scheduling, and word processing. There is one somewhere in there that lets me respond to need for a washroom break. These include industrial strength purchased software programs and home grown pieces of code that carry out specific tasks. OASIS
Assists The number of contacts that required additional levels of support to provide a satisfactory solution: a feedback monitor on the quality of the agent, the process and the knowledgebase being provided to the program. OASIS
Attrition Used here as the loss of human resources over time. We have 50% attrition per year. Half the staff left for one reason or another over the past 12 months. The main concern with high attrition is service quality. OASIS
Authorization The financial verification of account holder and funds available for a credit card purchase using online services OASIS
B.A.H. Billable Agent Hours As per the agreement between provider and client what tasks are included in the invoice to the client. One example is A.H.T. as defined in this glossary. OASIS
Backup The electronic storage of a complete second (or more) copy of all required applications, data and means to reproduce your current systems. The intent would be to restore service with up to the minute information should the current system (systems) crash. See crash. OASIS
Bandwidth A catchall to refer to the capacity of a resource. The system does not have the bandwidth to process that many transactions per second, which is fine because I don't have enough bandwidth to read all those reports per hour. OASIS
Barge in The technical capability to connect with a live call in process by an authorized party without interruption or awareness to the members of the original call in process OASIS
Benchmark The search for best practices to enhance customer service and control costs. OASIS
Blended A mix of resources within a CSPs environment and/or combinations of CSPs to provide a unified client solution. OASIS
Blended Contact Center A center dedicated to both inbound and outbound activities OASIS
Blended Outsource A mix of resources within a CSPs environment and/or combinations of CSPs to provide a unified client solution. In essence we do not jam all our eggs in one basket! OASIS
C.R.M. Customer Requirement Management This is an attitude not a technology. There is a massive move afoot to improve company systems and information flow to improve the ability to manage customer requirements. Applying this ability still gets right back to human attitude. So look for more than technology to manage customer requirements. OASIS
C.S.P. Client Service Provider The outsource service center or enterprise that provides the support services to the buying company. OASIS
C.S.R. Customer Service Representative An agent, trained to provide product and service responses on behalf of the buying company OASIS
C.S.S. Customer Service Specialist A specialized version of the agent, trained to provide unique services on behalf of the buying company OASIS
C.T.I. Computer Telephony Integration The seamless use of telephone and computer power in both their advanced states. Both technologies combine to provide customer information to the agent in a timely manner. Ideally, just prior to connecting to the call, the telephone system will display customer information and computing power can add history and service knowledge displayed as required. OASIS
Call Back A telephone "call me" request. In the web world, this may be generated by clicking the option provided on some web pages for service assistance options. This service is typically provided on a 7 day a week, 24-hour a day basis. OASIS
Call Center A physical or telecom grouping of resources dedicated to providing inbound and outbound telephone services ( answering service, telemarketing etc.) OASIS
Call monitoring The "listening in" on a conversation between a Customer Service Provider and the customer by a third party, typically a Quality control member, to provide independent audit and feedback in the interest of continuous improvement. OASIS
Campaign Each unique program is typically referred to as a campaign in the outbound telemarketing services. OASIS
Chat An electronic conversation in real time, using the internet to transfer the information back and forth between requestor and provider. OASIS
Client Clients are the organizations that hire third-party CSPs to provide products and services to their end users. COPC
Client Service Provider (CSP) Client Service Providers, or CSPs, refers to enterprises specifically structured to provide specialized commercial services to a client. Prime examples include help desks, telemarketing, logistics and fulfillment. OASIS
Commodities Tangible items provided for sale, as opposed to services. Planes, trains, and bubble gum. APICS
Compliant A complaint is broadly defined as any negative comment (received in person or by phone, mail, fax, e-mail, etc.) about any aspect of the CSP’s or client’s products, services, staff, or agents. COPC
Compliant Meeting and adhering to all standards and processes established for product or service requirements. OASIS
Connect Methods of connecting to the communication highway. Typically provided by a form of telco provider ... ILEC(Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) The one time monopoly now has competitors. OASIS
Contact Center An integrated service grouping of resources providing inbound and outbound communications services using computers, telephones and being web enabled to provide a host of multi media services OASIS
Contact management Both electronic and human assistance to plan, organize, direct and control the flow of agent interfaces with the customers. Ensuring the balance between demand for service and supply of service providers. OASIS
Contact record An electronic or paper recording from the Customer Service Provider's point of view as to the information exchanged with the customer on a contact by contact bases. Each call, e-mail, fax, and chat is recorded. OASIS
Continuity An alternate plan to provide service should the existing service be interrupted or stopped accidentally. OASIS
Corporate Culture The enterprise vision and actions as related to ethics, quality, and other human elements of an organization assembled to conduct business PMI
Crash The sudden failure of your system (systems) Systems are designed and built not to fail, when they do... "crash", as good a term as any. OASIS
Crashing Different from crash! The reduction of the time required of an implementation plan or other form of project timeline compression by storm trooping with resources. The intent is not to give away on scope or cost, just do it faster. Beware of the triple constraint relationship! PMI
Customer You and I and all other individuals that are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to request assistance from Client organizations. I pick up the phone, call ABC computer company, and speak to John Doe. John probably works for XYZ company that specializes in tech support. I am the customer. ABC is the Client. XYZ is the Client Service Provider and John is the agent. OASIS
Customer-Contact Centers (CCCs) Call centers, customer-service centers, technical support centers, help desks, collection centers, telemarketing centers, electronic response centers, sales support centers and customer order centers, etc., that handle end-user contacts of varying types (inbound calls, outbound calls, fax, white mail, e-mail, web transactions and other electronic end-user interactions). COPC
Customer satisfaction The customers state of fulfillment, from the customer point of view. Facts are good. Good facts are great. But here we really need great customer opinions. Opinions are more difficult to fulfill. (fact is, it is 68 degrees in here, recommended room temperature. Some opinions are O.K., some are it is too hot and some are it is too cold.) Ignore the fact, work to satisfy the opinions. Now that's what makes C.R.M. interesting! OASIS
Cycle Time The elapsed time (including queue time for inbound telephone contacts) of a process. The cycle time in a customer-contact center usually begins when the CCC receives the transaction (e-mail, mail, and/or fax), and usually ends when the transaction is completed from the end user's perspective (e.g., when the product or e-mail is actually received). COPC
Dashboard For the real time management of a lot of centers, events are piped to a central control area and presented graphically for rapid response to variances. The amount of information being monitored and the different concerns and conflicts create a control center of colors, flashing bars, warning signs like the cockpit of an airplane with a novice at the controls OASIS
Data Information alphabetically and numerically stored in such a manner as to have specific meaning for a variety of applications including storage routines OASIS
Database An organized collection of data available for access and use by a variety of applications for different requirements OASIS
Deal Not he official iron clad contract but the little concessions that are worked through day in and day out that keeps the contract working. Successfully managing the day to day crises and dealing with each effectively is really what keeps customer satisfaction on track. OASIS
Delay The wait time a customer experiences trying to get to an agent. Excessive wait will typically increase the abandon rate. OASIS
Dialers Automated equipment designed to provide mass calling and connecting logic to support telemarketing type campaigns. Predictive types have algorithms to work with information available to match the next call to the next available agent. OASIS
Domain Used here to mean the home page of a world wide wed location www.something.something as an instruction for a browser to find. OASIS
Download The return information from a computer request to the network. You uploaded a request: www.outsourceoasis.com (enter) and here comes the download: a fine web page! OASIS
Drop Ship Remaining in the buyer seller path without necessarily handling the items. You have a vendor ship to a customer direct, invoice you and you will invoice your customer. Keeps you in the sales cycle and the CRM cycle. Needs a different tracking and verification process. OASIS
Efficiency There is a difference between paid hours and available hours. The company paid hours not available include vacation, Statutory holidays possibly sick etc. This difference is efficiency. Not managed at an operational level. In saying we have 90% efficiency we say we have 90% of the paid hours as available for performance. (see Performance) OASIS
End User End users are the customers of the third-party CSP’s clients.  They may be consumers, businesses, field organizations, or the retailers, distributors, and specialists that make up a client’s channels. COPC
Escalations The promoting of an issue to a more senior rank in the organization to bring additional problem solving skills to bear on this issue. OASIS
Expectations The not so tangible views of an individual as to the characteristics of some yet to be produced commodity or service. A serious source of confusion in the providing of new services that requires definitive specifications. OASIS
F.T.E. Full Time Equivalent The numeric equivalent of 40 hour per week agent resources. In a mix of full time, part time or casuals a contact center may record a staff of 500, however for capacity planning the center has 350 F.T.E.s The center has the capacity of 350 full timers. OASIS
Flash Cut In this environment the term is used to describe the stopping of one mode of service as the new mode is simultaneously started. For a conservative alternate see ramping. OASIS
Foamy It was the personal earplug for the headsets. You may occasionally share a headset, but the foamies are your personal touch point. OASIS
Forecast The future definition of event requirements in content, timing and quantity: a snap for the clairvoyant, a challenge for the rest of us! A prediction that comes within 90 % is a forecast. A prediction that falls outside that percentile is a SWAG gone wrong! OASIS
Fulfillment The provision of goods or services as per a specified agreement. The key here is in the specifications. OASIS
Globalization The macro process of making something worldwide in scope or application. OASIS
Goals The objectives outlined in the specified agreement. Use this acronym when reviewing you goals. SMART. Are the goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timephased? OASIS
Granular The low level detail. The activity is to implement the solution, the "granular' project plan integrates the '163 tasks' required to implement the solution. OASIS
Headset The wired or wireless earphones worn by agents to provided hands free voice communications with the customer while they record the event. OASIS
Help Desk A centralized resource(s) trained and available to assist a set of customers with function assistance on demand. Usually made available in the languages and hours required by the user community. OASIS
Hold Time You have got through the wait time and finally got to a Customer Service Representative, and as luck would have it, you've asked a question that needs additional help to answer. You are now put on Hold as help is sought. When someone returns to you, hold time is over and live time starts again. OASIS
Hold Time You have got through the wait time and finally got to a Customer Service Representative, and as luck would have it, you've asked a question that needs additional help to answer. You are now put on Hold as help is sought. When someone returns to you, hold time is over and live time starts again. OASIS
I.M. Internet Messaging The instantaneous transfers of messages back and forth between users on the web. OASIS
I.V.R. Interactive Voice Response "Thank you for calling, enter 1 for sales, enter 2 for service, pull up a chair and enter 3 for me." Newton's
Inbound The direction of the service from the C.S.P. (client service providers) point of view. Are they receiving the event (help desk call) = Inbound. For the other direction see Outbound. OASIS
Incentive Contract We spend lots of time and words explaining what may happen for each deficiency in the provision of the service. Here are some words to provide additional rewards should the services provided exceed the requirements. Here is a way to promote improvement in which the cost is shared. PMI
Incubator The non-live system where people are testing processes and technology for the next great release of a new service. OASIS
Intellectual Property Documented brainware. The proprietary systems, middleware, and knowledge developed by an organization that is not intentionally designed to share with customers or competitors. OASIS
Interpersonal skills The skills used when communicating with other people. More than just what is said. More in the world of how it is said! OASIS
Inventory The resources consumed in the delivery of goods and services. You may at times feel consumed but people are not the resources referred to here: the brochure you ordered and the disposable ear foams. OASIS
Issue Here used as an unfavorable observation. I have an issue with this overdue charge. I mailed the check on the due date, what's the problem with your company anyway? OASIS
Job aid A variety of help references that provide answers in time and place of need. From a yellow sticky of frequently called numbers to elaborate process control flow charts electronically presented as a step by step prompt me environment OASIS
Key Customer-Related (KCR) Jobs KCR jobs are those positions that either perform or directly manage staff performing KCRPs (see definition below). For customer-contact centers, KCR jobs include CSRs, e-mail or web agents, and mail/fax processors, as well as the staff who direct, manage, and evaluate their performance (often referred to in the industry as leads or supervisors).  For fulfillment operations, KCR jobs include assemblers, pick-pack-shippers, and material handlers, as well as the staff who direct, manage, and evaluate their performance (often referred to in the industry as line leads or supervisors).For all CSPs, KCR jobs also include client coordinators and staff creating invoices. COPC
Key Customer-Related Processes (KCRPs) KCRPs are those processes that are critical to the CSP’s ability to deliver high levels of performance to end  users and clients for the products and services it offers.  These processes are of two types:The processes that the CSP performs for:Customer-Contact Center Inbound Services (Exhibit 1A). Fulfillment (Exhibit 1B). Technical Support/Help-Line/Help Desk (Exhibit 1C).Outbound Contact Management (Exhibit 1D).Electronic Commerce (Exhibit 1E).

Other processes that the CSP performs, including those required by contract with its clients, that bear materially on the CSP’s ability to meet its client and -end-user requirements and targets.  For processes not specifically identified in Exhibit 1, the CSP must identify its KCRPs based on:Client or end-user requirements and targets.Processes that directly interface with clients or end users.

Key Support Processes (KSPs) Key support processes are those necessary to enable or perform KCRPs to meet targeted levels.  These almost always include information systems, forecasting, hiring and recruiting, and telecom (for customer-contact centers).  KSPs are identified in Exhibit 1. COPC
Lead Generation The use of marketing techniques to gather contacts that may have interest or need of a particular commodity or service OASIS
Learning Curve A on linear increase in productivity as the agent becomes familiar with the program, the tools and the support information available OASIS
Merchant Account Special "Bank Account" established with a payment processor for the settlement of credit card transactions. Internet users require "Card Not Present Merchant Account" The Bank
Metrics Units of measure for monitoring and evaluating performance. May be unit of time, dollars, events or some other means of tracking to plan. You will have to measure performance to manage performance PMI
Middle manager The intermediate management layers. In the contact world agent-team lead-supervisor-manager-account manager-director-v.p.-senior v.p.-group president-president, middle managers are manager to v.p.. Webster
Middleware Usually homegrown software designed and coded to bridge functionality between two or more applications that become Contact Center proprietary products. OASIS
Mitigation The reducing to a minimum. PMI
Monitor The observing of an agent's performance in a live situation. Feedback is then structured to promote the success of the agent OASIS
Multi Media The use of multiple communication paths. We provide phone, fax, e-mail and web support services to our clients. OASIS
Murphy's law Credit given to Ed Murphy an engineer from the 1940's who stated " whatever can go wrong, will go wrong". Still seems valid to day. OASIS
Needs Analysis The definition in great detail (granular) of what the system is to provide the client and their customers. Well articulated, reviewed and evaluated to ensure expectations are met. OASIS
Non-billable Time expended by an agent that is outside the contracted statement of work. The intent is to accurately define the needs and be directly compensated for services provided. Excessive non-billable leads to program failure. OASIS
O.A.C. Operated Assisted Call: when human intervention is requested to place a call. OASIS
O.J.T. On Job Training. All the theory and practice in the world sometimes melts away in the face of a live situation. O.J.T. provides real situation experience first hand to new agents. This cycle is part of a well-planned training program to ensure expert service. OASIS
O.M.S. Order Management System: a systems that accepts and actions a request for goods or services that manages through to fulfillment. OASIS
Objective In the project and campaign world this would be the predetermined outcome and in the program world this would be the performance criteria that meets and/or exceeds the clients expectations. In the world of program this may well be a scalable criteria that keeps raising the bar of acceptable service. PMI
Occupancy The productive time an agent spends performing the activities of a contact which are specified in the agreement. OASIS
Opportunity It is a challenge that still has possible improvements in acceptable solutions. A chance to advance current thinking. OASIS
Outbound The direction of the service from the C.S.P. (client service providers) point of view. Are they initiating the event (telemarketing) = Outbound. For the other direction see Inbound. OASIS
Outsource The transfer of performance of a process or function from in-house staff to an outside service provider. PMI
Outsourceitis The irresistible urge to keep outsourcing more and more functions to create a streamlined core team focused only on the prime directive OASIS
Pareto Analysis Results observed by Vilfredo Pareto (Economist) hundreds of years ago -a relatively small number of causes would produce a large majority of the problems. (also seen as 80/20 rule, 80% of outcome is controlled by 20% input) Using histograms to identify results, correcting the most serious problems first provides the largest impacts on improvement OASIS
Partner A legal cooperative agreement between organizations to accomplish more that attainable individually. OASIS
Performance The amount of billable hour as a % of the available hours. In our case efficiency is removed first from the paid hours for available hours. Productivity (performance) is the % billed of the available hours. Annual model: 52 weeks x 40 hours =2080 (efficiency less vacation,stat,sick etc.) =2080x90%= 1872 hours Agent billed 1310 hours - therefore productivity is 1310/1872= 70% OASIS
Performance Metrics A predetermined set of success criteria to which a service is compared. The difference from the criteria is treated as a variance and forms the bases of feedback to study and determine the cause of difference OASIS
Pilot A complete test cycle assigning actual work elements to simulate how the total production work will be structured. The intent is to ensure all real life possibilities have been allowed for in the design and build of the solution. OASIS
Pod A workstation group formation in which typically 4 stations are grouped not only for the space benefits of facilities planning, but the communications interaction of the close proximity provides cross agent on the job training benefits. ( I heard what you told that customer, I didn't know that!) OASIS
Portal Entry to the world wide web PMI
Prequalification A selection process that determines the suitability of a C.S.P. to provide services as specified by a procuring entity OASIS
Price The monetary amount per unit of measure requested or paid for the service provided. Our standard price is $ 40.00 per hour. Client A got a volume discount and pays $ 38.50 per hour. Company A's price is $ 38.50 We now have 2 prices! PMI
Proactive An unassigned task taken on voluntarily to improve the outcome of a situation. OASIS
Process The prescribed step-by-step work instructions to complete a given task or activity requiring an expected outcome. OASIS
Process Audits, End-to-End Audits of KCRPs that follow the process from the first step through the output of the process. This often crosses departments throughout the CSP, including those outside the entity. COPC
Program A program is support provided for a specific product or service for a specific client. Individual clients often have multiple programs. These might be services provided to different divisions or departments within the client organization, a similar service provided for different products, different services provided for the same product, or individual campaigns. Programs should be defined based primarily (although not exclusively) on the client's and the CSP's organization structure. The more distinct the organization structure, the more the CSP is likely to have different programs. Thus, a CSP that uses two different teams for one client probably has two programs for that client. COPC
Project A temporary undertaking (implementation) with an intended start, finish and outcome. The outcome usually has an expected time, cost and scope. PMI
Project Manager An individual responsible and preferably trained and skilled in the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of projects. The project management institutes awards certifications to qualified individuals to work as PMP (project management professionals) with demonstrated management knowledge and experience. PMI
Prototype A working model of the desired product. A classical way of kicking the tires before locking down the design. To be applied just after the discussion where all parties were nodding in agreement, but it had not yet been tried anywhere else before. OASIS
Quality assurance The advanced plans and systems derived to guide the functional activities in the pursuit of continuous improvement OASIS
Quality Control The real time measurement and feedback to facilitate the perpetual adherence to the quality assurance plans and systems. OASIS
Queue time The amount of time a customer waits for response or service. In the contact center service this is usually monitored and reported in seconds. OASIS
Ramping To complete a transfer by gradually increasing the amount transferred over time. This would be different than a flash transfer, which would happen at one point in time. OASIS
Recovery Plan A set of planned activities to be taken that would enable a situation to be returned to the planned and expected state. Usually initiated as a result of unexpected variance from the expected status. OASIS
Red Team A duly appointed team of specialists assembled to review, evaluate and define improvements to an identified task, activity or process. PMI
Requirement An objective that is not yet quantified (e.g., respond to e-mails). COPC
Requirements Analysis Processes of evaluating and validating stated needs in the interest of insuring the requirements are complete, concise and attainable and will result a suitable service. PMI
Resource A resource may be any requirement needed by a process. People, workstations, connectivity, and information are all resources that may be required to provide a service. OASIS
Reverse Logistics The correct and timely actioning of a customer return including inventory and financial record updates and replacements. OASIS
Route The communications path from customer to solution including such provisions as links, patches, escalations, monitoring and other variations a simple contact may erupt into. OASIS
S.O.W. Statement Of Work A detailed description to the system and services to be provided that expands on the general statements that are referenced in the contract or purchase agreement. This detailed documentation will be part of the contractual service requirements. PMI
S.S.L. Secure Socket Layer: an electronic system for encrypting data sent over the Internet, including e-commerce transactions and passwords. With SSL, client and server computers exchange public keys, allowing them to encode and decode their communication. OASIS
S.T.A. Senior Technical Assistant Experienced and trained specialists that work on Tier 2 or Tier 3 level support and provide an escalation path to Tier 1 first line agents. OASIS
S.W.A.G Scientific Wild Anatomical Guess A hasty estimate provided from comparable experience without the justification of detailed planning PMI
Scalability The ability of a solution to grow with an increase in demand. If a service can double, triple or quadruple in synchronization as demand grows then it is scalable. OASIS
Scope A definitive statement of the services to be provided. PMI
Script A documented guide of instructions and options in the delivery of customer contact services for both inbound and outbound programs OASIS
Scrubbing The personal intervention to analyze classify and alter reports or databases based on human knowledge and other parameters OASIS
Self Serve IVR, web and other interactive tools that allow customers to select and enter options for service without the help of an agent: banking machines. OASIS
Service Level A measurement expressing the percentage of transactions that are responded to in a timeframe. For example, 80/30 for a call center would be a service level expressing that 80% of the time calls are or will be answered within 30 seconds. Service levels can be a target or a measurement of actual performance. OASIS
Services The defined set of tasks/activities that will be provided by the agents to the customers generally within some guidelines and parameters covered within the Statement of Work OASIS
Skills The abilities to perform predetermined assignments. Some are provided though training and coaching, some are basic academic, some are program or campaign specific, a selection of which are required to provide the service contracted for. The C.S.P. works with the Client to define this requirement. OASIS
Spin To restructure the reporting of an event to change the impressions delivered. Usually events are respun to gain a more favorable impression. OASIS
Standard A calculated basis from which to measure actual performance. The variance is used to monitor performance and compare to expectations. Understanding both the elements of the standard and the reasons for the variation is key to performance improvement activities. OASIS
Sub Contract An arrangement of obtaining goods and services as an extension of a prime contract. Outsource is a specialized form of sub contact. As we move more to service based environments we tend to need a newer version of the commodities based commercial contract. Even standards are now becoming more people process oriented. See SEI-CMM and COPC quality systems. PMI
Sub-contractor An enterprise that supplies to the prime contractor. Typically the terms and conditions of the original contract are administered by the prime contractor and applicable clauses are transferred to the sub-contract agreement. OASIS
Survey The gathering of customer feedback for review, analysis and evaluation to monitor the progress of products and services. OASIS
Synergy The group dynamics and positive effect of team effort. The collective improvements of well-formed team would be greater than what each would have contributed individually. OASIS
T.A. Technical Assistant An experienced agent with specialized program/campaign training that is available to help other agent with technical questions. OASIS
T.L. Team Leader A senior agent assigned the responsibility of supervising a group of agents on one or more programs/campaigns OASIS
T.Q.M. Total Quality Management: a philosophy encouraging all employees to work to achieve continuous improvement in their contributions PMI
Target Typically a quantification of a requirement (e.g., respond to 95% of e-mails within 24 hours of receipt). COPC
Task A well-defined unit of work with a predetermined expected outcome. "Update the file log after each incident completing fields 5,7,10, 14 and 15" The outcome of a task can be measured for compliance and performance PMI
Telemarketing The outbound activities taken by an organization to generate leads and sales using the telephone as the method of communication. OASIS
Tier 1, 2, 3 A level of support recognized as more complex in nature from 1 to 3. Starting at 1 specialized training is provided and a scope of knowledge and tools to support most situations. A difficult situation arises, the Tier 1 agent can escalate to a Tier 2. They have additional skills and have typically a lot more experience. Occasionally even Tier 2's meet their match and need help. Escalation this time is often into the engineering ranks Tier 3 for solution and investigation. OASIS
Tiger Team A group of specialists assigned to solve a particular problem. Reassigned temporarily from prime duties to work a team to solve the issue PMI
Traffic Events per minute ...events per hour The metrics used to monitor activities against forecast to ensure resources are properly utilized. OASIS
Transaction An exchange of goods or services. An exchange of information is also treated here as a transaction. A customer call to a help desk is a completed transaction if they receive the information required to solve the issue. OASIS
Transfer Sending the customer to another resource to complete the transaction. OASIS
Triple Constraint Like a triangle relationship, Cost, Scope and Time form the three major boundaries of a project. The increase or decrease of any one dimension will impact one or both of the other dimensions. PMI
Turnover Change of agents on a program. This may also be related to attrition, or other influences in the center like growth and expansion. A low attrition may not necessarily equate to a low turnover. Both factors should be considered. OASIS
Unanimous The only one word oxymoron I'm aware of. Everyone involved totally agrees! Really? (favorite oxymoron's- jumbo shrimp, act naturally, and found missing) OASIS
Upload Used here to mean the transfer of requests or informational updates from the workstation to the network. OASIS
V.M. Voice Mail: that option or feature which allows you to replay the message you missed. OASIS
Value Add The commercial improvement of a product or service by the process. If the outcome of the process is positive you have value added. If I paint the automobile it may be obvious, if I take the call to explain and satisfy a customer concern that this shade truly is passionate pink, the value add may not be as obvious in the corporate ledgers. OASIS
Variance The difference between the plan and the actual results. Expressed in different measures dependent upon the audience. Could be reported as a variance in time or cost or quality or scope across the organization PMI
Verticals A grouping of organizations by service sector: Advertising and Marketing, Agriculture and Environment, Chemicals, Computer Hardware/Software, Construction, Electronics, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Human Resources, Industrial Products, Insurance, Internet, Legal, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Medical, Office Products, Professional Services, Real Estate, Specialty, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel OASIS
Video o IP Video over Internet Protocol. Even more complex than voice. See VoIP Newton's
Viewfirst A feature to display caller information prior to taking the call. Allows you to say "Hello Bill Smith. How may I help you this afternoon." Especially helpful if you are answering from a different time zone. OASIS
Virtual Company A company with little physical presence or infrastructure; a network of business processes; the exploitation of intellectual capital via computer/telecommunications. Virtual companies have outsourced the physical and administrative processes of traditional business. OASIS
Vision The organizational view of values and objectives of the group as expressed in terms of future success PMI
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol. Much too complex for this glossary except to say "using the internet to make a speaking connection, like the regular phone service" Newton's
W.F.M. Work Force Management Software scheduling systems to help plan, organize and monitor the resource requirements against forecasted needs. Typically has such feature as "what if" planning scenario's and a host of reporting options OASIS
Walk Through Using the prototype approach to test from front to back using a set of tests to emulate the live environment expected PMI
Web Site An electronic home for personal or commercial display. A Web site resides on servers connected to the Web network and is able to format and send information requested by worldwide users 24 hours a day, seven days a week. OASIS
WHOIS The master list of Domain Name Servers on the web. See internic.net on the web for access and information available. OASIS
Win-Win An action taken in which case both parties are better off and opposing objectives are advanced in a common solution PMI
Workstation The agent station provided to complete the service required: the computer hardware, software, middleware and telephone equipment. OASIS
Zero Defect A quality standard stating that 100% perfect should be the goal of the entire company providing goods and services. ASQ



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